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A patio door is a hinged or sliding door, preferably made with high quality vinyl, and usually integrated with a glass insert, that opens up to a patio, deck or garden.

We represent many of the most reputable home improvement contractors in Canada today who will never compromise on quality. They have a wide selection of patio door designs made with vinyl. Our vinyl material is made with the highest class of PVC (polyvinyl chloride – main ingredient of vinyl) and titanium dioxide (what makes vinyl white).

Our patio doors are made to withstand the harshest Canadian winters and the most extreme heat. Our doors are airtight – meaning, when they are closed, unwanted air and moisture are virtually impossible to seep in.

You could make your patio door look like wood or steel. Since it is pigmented with high quality titanium dioxide, which makes the vinyl basically white, you could have the door painted to any shade of wood or steel of your preference. Of course without the usual problems of wood (termites, etc.). The high quality and attractive patio door that you will choose will open up to your patio, deck or garden which enables you, the homeowner, more enthusiasm to visit these spaces which are rarely used in usual circumstances.

And we have this breathtaking proposal. You quote your price for the patio door and we will consider it without compromising the quality of our work. What’s more, you could also show us the price quote proposal of the competition.

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Please schedule your most convenient time and day when our professional staff will visit you to assess the dimensions of the project and give you constructive suggestions. Once everything has been finalized, we implement the works with the highest degree of architectural integrity. We strictly adhere to the timetable. Patio door installation will be done in one day and we clean up the jobsite.

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