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All true about factory direct


VISITING THE SHOWROOM OF A REPUTABLE HOME IMPROVEMENT PRODUCTS RESELLER IS JUST PURE JOY! And you need not spend on gas to see their products. Their showroom is right on the internet! No sweat. Products from several well-established manufacturers of vinyl doors and windows are displayed prominently on their website with detailed description. Freedom to choose... not just from one but from several home improvement product makers.

It is a myth that when a consumer buys from a retailer/reseller, he pays more for the same product. Many manufacturers, when selling factory direct, artificially inflate their selling price so as not to directly compete with their retailers/resellers. And when they sell factory direct, it is assumed they have a sales department. So, they would need sales staff... so it means salary and commission costs, utility and office supplies costs. So when you hear FACTORY DIRECT, investigate first.

AND WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A HOME VISIT FROM ONE OF OUR PROFESSIONAL STAFF, he and his team will journey to your home at your most convenient day and time, even on SATURDAYS. He will listen to your dream vinyl windows and doors, or your most desired patio enclosures. They have been trained to share with you their recommendations on how to get the most out of your money on the visionary project that you wish to implement. What's more, our contractors have long term warranties on the products that we carry.

When you buy FACTORY DIRECT, this kind of service disappears. You do not have direct control over the quality of the product because you only see it on the internet or on the catalog. What’s more, most factory direct sellers only give refunds or partial paybacks when it is thoroughly investigated and proven that the product was already damaged before delivery. Otherwise, you will have to go through a long process of tiring investigation.

We only have convenience for you in mind.

With these friendly reminders, you can now request free estimate from the best in the field windows and doors manufacturers in order to unearth your dream BEAUTIFUL but LOW MAINTENANCE, ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS and DOORS.

We are confident that our Best Toronto Doors Windows Price method outperforms our competitors in every category.

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